Unemployment Watch Day 11: Enter The Void of Archie's Creepy Subconscious

Ever read so many Archie comics that you start to question the basic principles of reality and our basic need to survive? Who is Archie, why does he have such fantastic powers over his reality? Why does he torment Betty and Veronica with the knowledge that their version of reality splits and goes off into two divergent paths? Are they pawns? Toys? Or does he have a knowledge that everyone is powerless to their own reality.  He possess no age nor moral compass. He neither a villain nor hero, but more of a force of nature. Rolling in, destructing and creating. How often does he get diarrhea? Any mortal human would die of dehydration caused by the fury from their fragile bowls due a constant diet of malts and hamburgers and nothing else. He has control over the weather and its conditions, It is always summer except for ski trips or St.Valentines day.  Nobody questions him and everybody worships him. We should fear him and yet we spread his gospel to our children, our little girls. What life is this, under the redheaded minister of our perception that is "Archibald"? I do not know, but I welcome it as much as I fear it.